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Amy Feeney

Key areas of expertise: Mathematics; Leadership; Assessment; Transition; Data Analysis; Teaching Assistants


Amy is the Unity TSA Strategic School Improvement Lead



  • Excellent maths subject knowledge for Early Years – KS4.
  • Teaching lower ability students (SEN) through use of concrete apparatus such as Numicon.
  • Stretching and challenging the students working at greater depth through effective questioning.
  • Questioning – To help establish a climate for questioning in the classroom. To interest, engage and challenge pupils; to check on prior knowledge and understanding; to help pupils to extend their thinking from the concrete and factual to the analytical and evaluative; to promote reasoning, problem solving, evaluation and the formulation of hypotheses; to promote pupils’ thinking about the way they have learned; to use blooms taxonomy and SOLO taxonomy to support students in developing higher order questioning.
  • Quality Feedback marking – To support developing effective systems to provide students with excellent, focused feedback and to create a dialogue approach between the teacher and student. 
  • Embedding the new primary numeracy curriculum through looking at long and medium term plans and timelines. To look at how you could incorporate current resources into the new curriculum.
  • Creating engaging lesson plans for numeracy, through effective and engaging hooks into the lessons and maintaining pace and challenge throughout.
  • Numeracy workshops for parents/carers.
  • Supporting numeracy leaders in their role.
  • Numicon Trainer.
  • Plan/Do/Review teacher support.



  • Supporting new leaders to senior leaders in all aspects of their role from writing action plans; completing whole school reviews; book scrutiny; how to hold staff to account and coaching and mentoring.
  • NPQML/NPQSL facilitator and trainer.
  • ILM facilitator and trainer.


NQT & Behaviour Support:

  • Challenging behaviour strategies - use of something called DNA dynamic nurture approach.
  • NQT mentoring.
  • Plan/Do/Review teacher support.



  • Primary to secondary school transition – To support in building strong relationships between primary and secondary partner schools and enable them to work collaboratively and create a smooth and effective transition for year 6/7 students.


Data Analysis/Assessment & Moderation:

  • Supporting schools in producing standardised folders.
  • Working with schools to analyse data effectively and ensure all groups are being monitored effectively such as pupil premium; SEN; more able.
  • Completing a book scrutiny and lesson observation to confirm assessment judgements.
  • Supporting schools to run in-school moderation and cross-collaboration moderation.


Teaching Assistants:

  • Working with senior leadership teams to look at how to maximise the impact of teaching assistants and developing impact action plans to develop this across the school.
  • Working with teachers on how to make best use of teaching assistants in lessons and maximise their impact.
  • Working with teaching assistants, to develop strategies such as promoting independence; effective questioning; supporting gaps in subject knowledge and Numicon Intervention training.