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Cat Harley

Key areas of expertise: English (Grammar; SPAG); MFL


English (Grammar; SPaG):

  • Excellent English subject knowledge with a particular strength in KS2.
  • Subject knowledge of Grammar topics that not only use the specific vocabulary but also enables children to unpick language and sentence structure. I learnt MFL at University so understand English through the eyes of someone who is acquiring the language as an additional language. This is particularly helpful when supporting EAL children and those with a SEND.
  • Embedding Grammar into English lessons to encourage application of grammar through writing.
  • Stretching and challenging the students working at greater depth through effective questioning and through their independent work.
  • Creativity – to deliver a creative and rich curriculum in English that brings all 3 skills of Reading, Writing and SPAG together.
  • Quality Feedback marking – To support developing effective systems to provide students with excellent, focused feedback and using verbal feedback to engage the child in their learning journey.
  • Creating engaging lesson plans for English, through effective and engaging hooks into the lessons and maintaining pace and challenge throughout.
  • Supporting Students and NQT’s to structure lesson plans.
  • Generating a reading approach to English in lower KS2 that encourages a love of reading and opens children up to new and previously unseen literature.



  • Supporting the leader in our school to implement an enthusiastic, rich and fun MFL programme that has appropriate links to literacy.
  • Supporting teachers who feel less confident when teaching MFL.
  • Completing a book scrutiny and lesson observation to support teachers in their delivery, assessment and content when teaching MFL.
  • Creating supportive documents to allow all teachers to access the planning.