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Charlotte Jeffs

Key areas of expertise: English (reading and writing) 


English (reading and writing):

  • Strong English subject knowledge for Early Years – end of KS2 (reading and writing).
  • Recent Ofsted experience (January 2020). Successful deep dive conducted in Reading and phonics. 
  • NPQML focus on greater depth reading – project-based evidence and across KS2 team involved. 
  • Supporting class teachers in their role to promote a love of reading across the curriculum, ensuring engagement and attainment. 
  • Project based learning from research schools, North Solihull project based around promoting a love of reading and ensuring high quality teaching of reading. 
  • Creating cohesive overviews and expectations of coverage across all year groups for both reading and writing. 
  • Promoting a love of reading across the school through displays and reading areas, endorsing new ways to engage the whole school community through social media and other online learning platforms. 
  • Cross Key stage teaching experience – Nursery, reception, year one year two and year 6. 
  • Introducing new key elements of teaching based on reflections and summaries of previous key stage data. Staff meetings for all staff members and regular mentoring sessions for targeted teachers/ support staff. 
  • Working with teaching staff to reflect and evolve on current practice, monitoring of coverage and promoting positive transition to next academic year.