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Chloe Plant

Key Area of Expertise: English


  • Extensive English subject knowledge for KS1 and KS2;
  • Broad awareness of quality texts for KS1 and KS2;
  • Knowledge of curriculum development and related matters;
  • Understanding of the concepts and skills essential for success for students in English;
  • Imaginative range of teaching strategies to support differentiation in English;
  • Carefully considered strategies (for example, questioning) for stretching and challenging the students working at greater depth;
  • Ability to plan for progression and to embed the primary English curriculum through long and medium term planning;
  • Looking at existing resources and suggesting ways to incorporate them;
  • Creating engaging lesson plans for English, through effective and engaging hooks into the lessons and maintaining pace and challenge throughout;
  • Suggestions for working with parents to support English development;
  • Working with and supporting English leads in their role;
  • Working with schools to analyse data effectively and ensure all groups are being monitored effectively, such as: pupil premium, SEN, more able;
  • Completing book scrutiny and lesson observation to confirm assessment judgement;
  • Supporting schools with in-school moderation.