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Community Hubs

The Community Hubs were developed in 2005 within North Solihull, with the main objective to develop skills, promote lifelong learning and improve economic well-being within the area.  


The hubs were funded through the Excellence in Communities European Union grant and were situated on school sites as these are considered to be at the heart of the community.  As the schools were rebuilt as part of the North Solihull Regeneration programme, the hubs were integrated into school buildings, with the exception of Elmwood Hub, which is within Council Offices in Smith's Wood Village Centre.


In 2015, on behalf of Solihull Council, Unity Schools Collaborative took over the management of five remaining hubs and have successfully increased activities within them supporting local people and community organisations. 


The community hubs are located at:

Bishop Wilson Primary School  

Coleshill Heath Primary School

Elmwood Place

Fordbridge Primary School

Yorkswood Primary School



For further details regarding each hub and terms of usage please refer to the attached documents:  

What the hubs offer:

Working with local agencies and in partnership with Solihull Council the hubs have provided an opportunity to improve the health and economic well-being for the local community of North Solihull.   Most recently, the hubs have been supporting the Council’s ‘Employed for Success’ project which aims to help people back into work, specifically those with learning difficulties, those with caring responsibilities, people aged over 50, and anyone who has been long term unemployed.   Below is a list of some of the activities the hubs have been supporting since 2015:


16-19 training and support 

Art (Community)

IT for beginners (Solihull College)

Jewellery Making (Community)

CV writing (National Careers)

Keep fit for the elderly (Solihull Active)

Diabetes support (NHS and Health Exchange)

Mental Health Support (Family Care Trust)

Dressmaking (Solihull College)

Music Group (Community)

Domestic Abuse (Women’s Aid)

Over 50’s IT support (National Careers)

Employment support for those with disabilities (Gro Organic and STEPS at Solihull Council)

Family support for those with autism (Autism West Midlands)

Employment workshops (National Careers and Solihull Council)

Parent Support groups

Health Visitor / Baby Clinic (NHS)

Young Unemployed Team Programme (Prince’s Trust)

Foster Care Training and support (Solihull Council)

Understanding Your Child's Behaviour

Patchwork and Quilting (Community)

Improve English (Solihull College)

Vintage Crafts (Solihull College)

Improve maths (Solihull College)

Weight Management for Families (Solihull Active)

For anyone interested in offering support to the community via the hubs then please contact the Hub school office directly.