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Emily Trotman

Key area of expertise: Mathematics 



  • Secure Maths subject knowledge for Early Years – Key Stage 2 
  • Implementation of C-P-A approach from Early Years to Key Stage 2. 
  • Change of structure to Year 1 Maths lessons. Embedded continuous provision into lessons to support all abilities. 
  • Ofsted experience – Maths deep dive. 
  • Planning and delivering engaging Maths lessons to ensure accurate pace and challenge throughout. 
  • Stretching and challenging children working above age related through effective activities and questioning. 
  • Effective questioning to check children’s prior learning, assessment for learning, encourage independent learning, promote reasoning and problems solving within the lesson in a variety of ways. 
  • Quality live marking to provide children with focused and accurate feedback.  
  • Producing long, medium and short term plans to ensure correct coverage of objectives are met. 
  • Supporting newly qualified teachers with their Maths knowledge. 
  • Supporting staff with incorporating C-P-A along with problem solving and reasoning into Maths lessons. 
  • Supporting staff with adapting their Maths lessons to suit the needs of the children e.g. SEND or greater depth. 
  • In school moderation – Early years to Key stage 2. 
  • Produced Year 1 standardisation folder to support staff with different objectives. 
  • Analyse data effectively and ensure all children are being challenged effectively. 
  • Regularly complete book scrutinises, drop in sessions and lesson observations to confirm accurate assessment judgements.
  • Produced a journaling document for all four operations to support staff from EYFS to Key Stage 2 with ideas on encouraging children to include a range of pictorial representations in their work. 
  • NPQML – Linked to improving times tables across the school.