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Joe Staines

Key area of expertise: Mathematics



  • Excellent subject knowledge for Early Years and KS1 maths
  • Good subject knowledge of KS2 maths
  • Use of the Concrete Pictorial Abstract representations for teaching maths effectively
  • Whole phase curriculum design and mapping
  • Whole phase routes through calculation design and implementation
  • Clear understanding of the mastery approach to teaching mathematics and how this can be implemented in schools
  • Secure knowledge of the importance of rich, open ended questioning through anchor tasks and low ceiling, high threshold tasks. 
  • Stretching and challenging students working at greater depth through effective questioning.
  • Embedding the new primary numeracy curriculum through looking at long and medium term plans and timelines. To look at how you could incorporate current resources into the new curriculum.
  • Creating engaging lesson plans for mathematics, through effective and engaging hooks into the lessons and maintaining pace and challenge throughout.
  • Numeracy workshops for parents/carers.
  • Supporting numeracy leaders in their role.
  • Use of ICT to support staff in delivering effective mathematics provision