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Sally Rance

Key areas of expertise: English; Curriculum; Teaching and Learning



  • Excellent English subject knowledge for KS1 and KS2. .
  • Modelled Writing, Guided Writing and Shared Writing. 
  • Raising results and attainment in SPAG.
  • Stretching and challenging students working at greater depth as well as supporting the less able without putting limits on learning.
  • Questioning – To help establish a climate for questioning in the classroom. To interest, engage and challenge pupils; to check on prior knowledge and understanding; to promote self-reflection through peer and self-assessment; to promote pupils’ thinking about the way they have learned; to use blooms taxonomy to support students in developing higher order questioning.
  • Quality Feedback marking – To support developing effective systems to provide students with excellent, focused feedback and to create a dialogue approach between the teacher and student. 
  • Creating engaging lesson plans for writing, through effective and engaging hooks into the lessons and maintaining pace and challenge throughout.
  • Supporting English leaders in their role.



  • Supporting and developing middle leaders to successfully lead on their area of the curriculum.
  • Support in designing a broad, balanced, and engaging and knowledge and skills - based curriculum within foundation subjects.
  • Assessment within foundation subjects.


Teaching and Learning

  • Coaching and Mentoring both NQTs as well as experienced teachers.
  • Supporting leaders with book trawls, learning walks, observations and subsequent action planning and follow up support and monitoring.
  • Performance Management and monitoring across the school.
  • Action and support planning.