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School to School Support

As an Alliance, our aim is to respond to local need as well as national need and offer a range of professional development opportunities to all schools.


If you have a specific requirement for training or development or feel there is an area that we could help you with, please take a look at our offer and the areas of Leaders of Education expertise below and get in touch.

Our School Improvement Offer


Our school improvement offer is based on a sustained, coherent programme which includes structured collaborative in-school activities for teachers to refine ideas and embed approaches.

‘ of the most powerful ways of achieving improvement is through collaboration, with schools, settings and leaders supporting those that are currently in challenging situations. But it’s not just the school or centre receiving support that improves - providing support gives even the most accomplished teachers and leaders an opportunity to gain new ideas and improve their own practice.’ (DfE, 2012)


Bespoke School to School Support 

Our SLP’s work in schools to support the leadership team and subject leaders to improve areas of focus within the school. The bespoke support that is offered is in following areas: Leadership; English; Maths; EYFS; mainstream and specialist SEND support; Computing, PE and Curriculum. All work is  monitored and quality assured.  The impact of our support will be measured appropriately and relevant paperwork will be provided to enable schools to evidence impact and demonstrate value for money.


School Improvement Audits

For schools that require a range of support, we offer school improvement audits to produce a prioritised overview of the work that is needed.   Key areas of focus for Audits are: the broad Curriculum; Mathematics; English; Early Years and SEND.  Each school receives an action plan and signposting to relevant sources of support, including Specialist Leading Practitioners.


Pupil Premium Reviews

The review will support improvement to your school’s pupil premium strategy, so that funding is spent effectively on approaches shown to be effective in improving the achievement of disadvantaged pupils.  A review offers a fresh perspective of an experienced school leader and provides an action plan to support trying new approaches and/or improving current provision. 


Sports Premium Reviews

The Sport's Premium Review will be undertaken by experienced PE and Sport's SLP's.  The review will check for compliance with the terms of the grant funding and provide suggestions as to how funding can be used to improve provision effectively.