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Stephen Orchard

Key areas of expertise: Computing; Technology across the curriculum




  • Excellent Computing subject knowledge for Early Years – KS2.
  • Supporting lower ability pupils within Computing lessons.
  • Intervention strategies to further support pupils.
  • Stretching and challenging the students working at greater depth through effective questioning.
  • Progressive Computing teaching throughout the school
  • Effective use of teacher and other adults within Computing lessons
  • Creating engaging lesson plans for Computing, through effective and engaging hooks into the lessons and maintaining pace and challenge throughout.
  • E-Safety guidance and support through workshops, lessons or assemblies.
  • Supporting Computing leaders in their role.
  • Large experience with a variety of different hardware and software for effective teaching and learning.
  • Plan/Do/Review teacher support.


Technology across the curriculum:

  • Use of word processing to create, evaluate, edit and present information and pieces of writing in line with the new curriculum.
  • Use of technology for pupil-led enquiry and research lessons across the curriculum.
  • Apps to use within interventions for all subjects.
  • Hardware and software to support learning across the curriculum.